Solomon's Porch
Posted 02.13.15
It is exciting that we can be able to share this video clip on the groundbreaking ceremony in Nigeria. GEI Associate Jim Corbett is heading up a major outreach. We are able to be part of a children's camp with 2400 refugees and no sufficient shower or toilet services. Through a generous donation from the La Red Foundation, A hygiene center is being set up and should be done within the next 90...
Solomon’s Porch
Posted 02.13.15
Welcome to Solomon's Porch a blog by Bernie Torrence. This is our first blogging entry and I am excited! Solomon’s Porch is going to be a place where I will bring the current events and exploits of our alumni and faculty around the world. I am so excited that our very first blog has been built around a great desire in my life. Re-creating Solomon’s Porch.   In the New Testament days, Solomon's...