Personal Mastery is the official terminology for the curriculum

There are two (2) mechanisms by which Personal Mastery Curriculum can be taken. 1. Face to Face 2. Online

There will be three (3) formats utilized in presenting the teachings & Courses in Personal Mastery. 1. Core Curriculum 2. Elective Curriculum 3. Profiles & Assessment training

There are three (3) relationships that will facilitate the teachings 1. Authors 2. Presenters 3. Coaches

These Essential Courses are a key to unlock personal growth. These teachings are part of the requirement for the Master Coach Distinction. Available online or face-to-face. Key ingredients for equipping individuals for personal mastery , personal development and transformation. 40 contact hours are required for the Master Coach Disntinction .
Many of our faculty members have much experience with various instruments that can help a team function and flow effectively. This material can be used by individuals, families and corporations. Gail Crites has a powerful full communication instrument that she uses around the world. Janice Strawn and Dr. David Migliore have an  assessment that can help you in emotional breakthroughs for your team...