GEI Distinctions


These graduates have completed 100 contact hours of online training that has earned them the International Masters Distinction. (must complete in 365 days from registration for the International Masters Distinction )

Certified Coach

A GEI Alumni that has mentored one student through the Foundation for Achievement Material (or the equivelent of 100 contact hours)

Master Coach

    These leaders have completed 40 Contact Hours (C.H.) in the Personal Mastery Core Curriculum and have  coached 15 students (or the equivelent of 1500 contact hours) through the GEI Foundation & Personal Mastery Materials. 


    Our Associates are gifted communicators and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated their leadership and conflict resolution skills to our students and faculty. Many of these people have inspired our international case studies. They carry the same prestige as our faculty and master coaches.


    These world class instructors have created and implemented online training courses that are based not only on their knowledge but also their life story.